WINGspan Reading Series

Wingspan is a series of staged readings designed to foster and encourage the creative risks of emerging theater directors.

As leaders in the field, directors carry a host of responsibilities ranging from play selection, to learning the balance of authority and collaboration in a rehearsal room, to effectively telling a cohesive story. These things takes practice. 

It is rare that young theater directors have a safe place to continue their growth outside of an environment that is strictly educational. There are terrific opportunities (assistant directing, dramaturging, interning) to continue to learn from professionals in the field, but practical opportunities to apply what we’ve learned are hard to come by. When we do get these opportunities, they generally come at our own hands, along with a host of financial and management-based responsibilities that have little to do with the work in the rehearsal room. 

Through Wingspan, we strive to support directors as they explore their artistic potential.


Through The Actor Initiative, we're opening up a door to actors who want to explore roles outside of their traditional "type" We want to know — what is the role you want to learn from? Where do you want to go from here? How can this role help you learn the thing you need to learn to get to your next step?

We believe that if we go outside of our comfort zone as artists, we're forced to play around in pockets of our brain that we haven't explored before and that's what makes us grow. 

Hummingbird Live Lit Events

Our Hummingbird events accompany each play we produce, be it a staged reading or full production. We believe in exploring the themes addressed in each of these plays through different mediums: music, visual art, storytelling, solo performance, etc. The goal of these events is to broaden our artistic community and to learn more about our own work through other artistic perspectives.